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Brownie's Tankless Diving: 2024 Palm Beach Boat Show

Palm Beach Boat Show

Brownie's Tankless Diving will be at the Palm Beach Boat Show March 21-24, 2024. Brownie's Tankless Diving will display at their usual waterside center location at Waterfront Booth 826. Brownie's Tankless Diving enjoys seeing you all there and answering inquiries for NOMAD, NOMAD MINI and Brownie's Third Lung and more dive gear and toys shown on this page. See you at the Palm Beach Boat Show!

NOMAD and Brownies Third Lung on Display

NOMAD and Brownies Third Lung on Display

Why Tankless Diving
Why Tankless Diving?

2023 Miami Boat Show

Miami Boat Show February 14-18, 2024

Brownie's Tankless Diving was at the Miami Boat Show Feb. 14-18, 2024 at their Booth MB 7005 upstairs at the Convention Center in Miami Beach. The remodeled Convention Center has replaced the outdoor tent for the Brownie's booth. Brownie's Tankless Diving has NOMAD MINI and Brownie's Third Lung on display as well as quality water toys and dive gear. See you at the Boat Show!

Flite Electric Hydrofoil Boards

Flite Electric Hydrofoil Boards

Brownie's has Flite Electric Hydrofoil Boards in stock! These quality eBoards are available now. Brownie's is a Florida dealer and Authorized Service Center for Flite Boards. Check out the Flite Boards on the Brownie's YachtDiver™ web site for more info and to buy these incredible boards today.

C-Researcher 3 submarine from U-Boat Worx wins Red Dot Product Design Award

U-Boat Worx Logo

Dutch submersible manufacturer U-Boat Worx is delighted to announce that their new “C-Researcher 3” submersible has won a Red Dot Product Design Award.

C-Researcher 3 Submarine
C-Researcher 3 Submarine

Browie's Tankless Diving is a dealer for U-Boat Worx submarines. Browie's Tankless Diving exhibits U-Boat Worx products at boat shows, etc. Go to Brownie's YachtDiver for more infomation.

“Winning a Red Dot Product Design Award for the second consecutive year in a row is a crowning achievement for our company,” said Bert Houtman, Founder and Chairman of U-Boat Worx. “It reinforces to our clients that our products are world class. Our sub owners are not only first to explore unseen sites with the most capable and robust submersible ever built, but also doing so in style.”

The first C-Researcher 3 - 1140 was installed aboard M/Y Game Changer last month. With the delivery of this first C-Researcher 3 - 1140 and a further 10 deliveries scheduled in 2021, U-Boat Worx continues to consolidate its position as market leader.

C-Researcher 3 Submarine Diving
C-Researcher 3 Submarine Diving

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2022 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show October 25-29, 2023

Brownie's Tankless Diving did display at the 2023 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show October 25-29 at their two locations: Booth #26 in the Main Entrance Tent and Booth #656 in the Yacht Builders/Electronics Tent. Brownie's Tankless Diving will have the new NOMAD MINI, NOMAD and Brownie's Third Lung on displayed as well as water toys, dive gear and even a Nemo U-Boat Worx submarine. See you at the Boat Show!

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